Plant facts and figures



Capacity – 25 000 tons of biological waste management per year.
– Produces up to 40 GWh of energy in form of upgraded biogas per year.
– Produces around 15000 tons of bio fertiliser per year.
Size Width = 23 m, Length = 85 m, depth = 3,4 m, Height = 14 m


Infrastructure – A key, shoreline or a pier with 4 m of minimum water depth.
– Mooring by linkspan, anchors and chain or dolphins.
– Access by trucks for delivery of waste and collection of products.
– Connection to the local grid.
– Water supply and connection to the local sewage system.
Construction – All construction takes place in Oskarshamn, Sweden under strict quality assurance and control.
– Initial testing at yard before towing to final site.
– Mooring, connection, commencing and production testing at final site.
– Other construction sites than Oskarshamn can be evaluated depending on specific project demands.
Project Time Normally two years delivery after project start.
1)   6 months for permits, agreements and plan for financing.
2)   6 months for planning and purchasing of vital components.
3)   12 months for building, delivery and commencing.
Manning – 3- 5 persons are engaged in production. 2-3 persons during working hours, 1-2 persons on watch outside working hours.
– External resources for service and maintenance are needed.
– Resources for collecting waste and distribution of products are needed.
Digestion – Semi continuous anaerobic digestion fully automatic monitored and controlled digestion.
– Feed in of additives, inoculation and accelerators depending on local need.
– Combined digestion (mixture of substrates) is an advantage.