Advantages and benefits

There are a number of advantages and benefits with a Floating Hybrid Bio Energy Plants
from BEP International AB.

The main ones are:

  • No land is required
  • Faster and easier grant procedure
  • 2-year establishment time from start to full operation
  • Movable (Collateral) asset
  • Minimum construction of new infrastructure at final site
  • Adoptable (Hybrid) to local conditions
  • Self sustained with energy
  • Profitable and cost effective
  • Robust design (Hurricane proof), durable and long lifetime
  • Low capital and operational costs
  • Standard design with proven materials, components and systems
  • High quality and fully recyclable

In addition the plant:

Produces fossil free, renewable and CO2 neutral energy

Creates and are a vital part of a sustainable circular economy

Creates less independence of imported energy

Makes both local and global positive environmental impact

Manages waste and bio fertiliser in the most preferred way