IP Strategy

BEP International AB has core competence within IP and management thereof. The company was early after the start in 2016, developing a number of unique technical solutions, which now is under progress of becoming patents.

The forecast is that BEP International will have a solid and continuous growing patent portfolio in excess of the six patents they are in progress with at the moment.

The patents are not only covering technical solutions, innovations and unique functionalities of the platform. IP and company secrets within business- and project-development are also developed and are being a part of the unique business model together with marketing and sales channels.

BEP International AB has developed an IP policy and is developing procedures and tools in order to fulfil this policy under its management system under development.

A competent IP company has become a partner of BEP International and are supporting the BEP Internationals IP work not only with IP services but also related service around IP as legal advice, contracts etc.